Malayalam Tv Show Pookkalam Selfie Contest

Pookkalam Selfi Contest Malayalam OTHERS on Flowers TV

The word ‘Selfie’ had become the most popular one in 2013 after Oxford Dictionary announced it as the trendiest words of that year. It took the social media world by storm. This was used by Zhooyi who made it into a trend and into a contest which was a selfie competition. Pookkalam Selfie Contest, which aired on Flowers TV came up as Onam approached in 2015. The channel celebrated its first Onam since it launched only in early 2015. Adding to the already made announcements about a payasam mela which is a cooking competition, they have added more to the show by this unique contest and probably the first time especially on Malayalam television through the selfie competition.

Zhooyi said that they had done this show for one of their clients, Rassam, which is a vegan eatery. It gave Rassam’s fans to show off their ‘Pookkalams’. There were certain set rules for participation. Anybody who wished to participate in the contest was to send their selfies or pictures against the backdrop of a ‘Pookkalam’. A page was set up to enable the participants to upload their selfies. The makers revealed that there was a positive response from the side of the people, especially from Malayalees from a lot of places who had sent their pictures to be a part of the contest. A lot of work had to be done to check all the pictures and to select the best ones. In the end, ten of them were chosen and uploaded on Rassam’s page where it was left open for voters to vote for the best one. It depended on the discretion of the fans. Whichever picture would get the majority likes would be named as the best photograph. The page was kept open for voting for around ten days.

The rules and procedures included that the selfie should have a Pookkalam that is a flower carpet as the background with one’s family or friends. The winner will be decided by the number of likes received. In the end, Jino James from Alappuzha won the contest with around 55 likes to his selfie. It received a great response from all the people and also viewed enormous participation from Malayalees belonging o different places. The contest was a success, especially for Rassam. Even for Zhooyi, the show was a new experience and also an opportunity that would ultimately lead to increasing presence as well as more visibility of their band. The show was of a very different type than what people in Kerala are used to see.