Malayalam Tv Show Paisa Paisa

Paisa Paisa Malayalam TV SHOWS on Kerala Vision

Paisa Paisa is a reality tv show aired on Kerala Vision. It is a game show that started in September 2019. The show is hosted by a female anchor. In the show, she visits people and plays different games with them. She first introduces them and then tells them the rules of the games. After that, she starts playing the game. In the first segment, she asks a few questions that they have to answer in less than 15 seconds. After that, if they answer it, they get money. After the segment ends another starts this is dumb charades. She tells a name in the player's ear and he has to enact it so that people can guess what he is trying to say. This game has a time limit of one minute. In one minute they had to correctly guess the name. After that, the anchor of the show asks them a question that they have to answer in 15 seconds. Then she asks some questions related to their personal life to make the show more entertaining and funny.

Later they start another segment of the game that is called tongue twisters. In this segment, she tells them a tongue twister that they have to say out loud. They have to say it correctly in one minute. If they are able to say it correctly they win some amount of money. Some more interesting segments continue after these and make the viewers hooked to the channel.