Malayalam Tv Show Music Mojo

Music Mojo Malayalam Tv shows on Kappa tv

Music Mojo is a popular and youthful and for the youths Malayalam musical show which airs on the recently launched youthful and for the youths Malayalam entertainment television channel Kappa TV.  Music Mojo is a fusion music or singing show which projects itself to the audiences and viewers and the critics as the reincarnation of melodies. Music Mojo- The reincarnation of melodies, Fusion of talents – For those who think real soul of music is lost coz of superfluous orchestration, here comes the soul in a new body.

The show Music mojo has been airing on Kappa TV since the year 2013 and has become immensely popular among the masses especially among the music loving youth generation. It’s been running or airing on Kappa TV for more than a year now and is still going strong promising the audiences to deliver more soulful melodies from some of the most talented and finest singing talents, singers or shall we call them the rising and finest future musical superstars from across the Kerala.

In this show, the carefully selected and rarely talented singers are provided an opportunity and a platform in front of live audiences on the set of Music Mojo the very own and renowned songs with a total revamped orchestration and in the singers completely own, new and totally in an unplugged way. Various upcoming Malayalee musical bands such as Swans of Sarasvati by Agam also showcase their musical talents. Music Mojo is aired on weekdays on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 pm onwards as per the Indian standard time (IST).