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Money Time is the curious reality show which explains the features of Kochin in Kerala. It is a helpful show for the audience every Saturday at 4.30 PM. It also re-telecasts in the mid-time slots of Wednesday. This is the new try of the channel about the various latest features of Kerala. The different specialties include five-star hotels, work firms, private concerns, and factors related to earn more money. As an account, they also take a travel to the people serving units, automobile units, hospitals, clinics of renowned doctors that this information will be profitable to the people who need it. The main motive of the show is to explore the source of income for all the people. So that it efficiently utilizes the golden opportunity. In this show, the host visits the specific place and tells the location. He also says the construction history, details of the managing director, and method of administration. In a specific place, for example, if it is a Five- star hotel, the host exposes the highlights of the hotel, such as the building area of the hotel, banquet hall specification, conference and function hall details and information about cuisine.

He also articulates the famous landmark and mode of transportation to reach the hotel. They express the inevitable services that are only available in the hotel, like the management of room service, decoration of halls, etc. They also demonstrate the kitchen services and other notable facilities of the hotel. They also question the managing director of the hotel to know about the additional information that is related to the hotel. Other than hotels, a very general source of money in the coastal areas is fish and crab farming. The channel visits the selective farms and interviews the owners about the process of cultivation. If it was the farm in the vast area, they reveal the requirements for the farming of fish or grab. They also define all the details of the development, such as the quality of water, time taken for the growth of organisms, and food required to feed the aquatic animals.

They also point the profits of the increase and the total amount for the installation, maintenance, transportation, and other premises. They grasp the minds of the shop owner. For food shops, they inquire about the famous and exclusive dishes of the place. Sometimes if the store is unique, they explore why it is better from others and explain what makes it's unique. Even some shops have their self-importance, such as many actors and famous social personalities could visit it. The presenter of the show addresses all and every detail of the specified site. This show is highly beneficial for business seekers. Because it declaims the factors and source of money as the title of the show. The show also expresses the advantages and disadvantages of the trade that is extremely a needful to resource to them.