Malayalam Tv Show Mega Swarna Mazha

Mega Swarna Mazha Malayalam TV SHOWS on SURYA TV

Mega Swarna Mazha is a Malayalam show broadcast on the Surya TV channel. In this show, kids and their parents are called to plat games which would fetch them money as a gift. The host welcomes all the teams, the names of which are ‘Pearl,’ ‘Ruby,’ ‘Emerald,’‘Coral,’and ‘Diamond.’ The teams are divided in such a way so that the children of these families are standing in a separate row while the team of parents in a separate one. The kids are asked by the host about their hobbies and told to introduce themselves. The kids sing songs or display their talents. The first round consists of a quiz in which the kids are asked questions. For every question there are four options. Every team is given a thousand points for every correct answer. In the next round, the mothers from every team are called to play the quiz.

In some questions, an image is shown, and the contestants have to recognize the pictures. The mothers are asked about their hobbies too, along with their occupation. Sometimes, snippets from films are shown, and the contestants have to recognize the movie. The correct options would score a thousand points. The third round is for the fathers in the teams. They also have to answer questions from the quiz. Sometimes a song is played and the contestants are asked to recognize the singer or the song. The fathers also have to give their introduction and occupation and then play the quiz. There is a board present below every team’s name which stores the points of the respective teams.

The remaining family members are also asked for their opinion regarding any question. The diamond team is at the top after three rounds. After this, the host explains the next round. The next round starts with the kids selecting a number with a grid of numbers. According to that number, a picture would be revealed. All the teams select their numbers and are given the pictures accordingly. This is a time limit round. The families is given time to collect all the information regarding the picture they chose. The kids are then called to answer questions related to these pictures. For every right answer, the team would be awarded a thousand points. After this round, the points of all the teams are shown to the audience. The Pearl team is with 2000 points, the Coral team with 4000 points, the Ruby team with 5000 points, the Emerald team with 5000 points, and the Diamond team with 3000 points.