Malayalam Tv Show Malayali Darbar

Malayali Darbar Malayalam Tv serials on Amrita tv
Malayali darbar is a newly launched Malayalam chat show/talk show which has become immensely popular among the audiences in a very short span of time. The interactive chat and talk show Malayali Darbar airs on one of the prominent and popular Malayalam entertainment television channel Amrita TV every Saturday from 6:30 pm onwards in the evening as per the Indian standard time (IST).  Malayali Darbar is anchored by popular Malayalam anchor and host Shri maniyan Pilla Raju.  This is an exclusive interactive chat show where audiences expresses their concerns, views and perspectives on various prevailing socio-cultural-political –economic issues of the country, state and society as a whole.  The audiences and viewers includes the live audiences present on the sets of the Malayali Darbar and also the callers who calls in with their views. In each and every episodes, a guest is invited and the host interviews him or her and the guest also actively takes part in the discussion with them. At the end of the show, the host invites suggestions and advices from the audiences and also an opinion poll is conducted where the audiences present on the set of Malayali Darbar are asked to vote on the day’s concerned topic.