Malayalam Tv Show Lunars Comedy Express

Lunars Comedy Express  Malayalam TV SHOWS on Asianet TV

Lunars Comedy Express is a comedy reality show which came on the channel Asianet. It is a Malayalam language show and features different teams who are all competing to get the coveted title of champions. All the teams put together various acts in each episode and try to prove they have the best comic timing. Their hilarious skits and rib-tickling performances keep the judges as well as the audience members gasping for breath. The famous film star Jagdish acts as the chief judge for the show. He got joined by a number of other stars over the course of the show to take part in the judging.

This includes names like Rachana Narayanankutty, Anoop Chandran, and Baburaj. They are also joined and assisted by Siddique, Menaka, Kalabhavan Shajohn, and Ranjini. Accompanying them through the various episodes are the renowned Geetha Vijayan and M.G. Sreekumar. The comments and feedback which they provide to the contestants enable them to mold their act and improve on the different skits they put together and enhance their abilities altogether. The show gets hosted by the dynamic duo of Shilpa Bala and Meera, who themselves add to the hilarity and fun which comes on the stage.

Lunars Comedy Express aims at finding out a hilarious comedy team in the state of Kerela. Twelve teams got shortlisted at the beginning of the show and got invited in the televised rounds. They have all been performing comic skits and satires at various levels. They have endeared the Malayali audience members across the world with their novel acts and their wit. In each episode, the teams come up with novel ideas along with innovative themes that make the show distinct in every sense of the word. Most of the skits get crafted to perfection and show the immense talent these artists bring with them.

The teams are all dedicated in their efforts and put up situational gags and jokes which people can connect to with ease, and they get etched in the viewers’ memories forever. The program goes through different kinds of rounds in order to test the contestants. Each of these rounds has a set of pre-determined rules and regulations. A theme gets given to the participants, and they all formulate a comedy skit which gets based on this theme. The team which is able to put up the most versatile performance and give the most entertainment to the audiences gets the highest marks. Following each segment of the competition, teams get eliminated on the basis of the points they have gathered. This continues week after week till we find the best team standing tall.