Malayalam Tv Show Kutty Patturumal Season 2

Kutty Patturumal Season 2 Malayalam Tv shows on Kairali tv

Kutty Patturumal Season 2 is a popular Malayalam music reality show for kids which is currently airing its second season after successfully completing its first season is telecasted on one of the leading Malayalam entertainment television channel Kairali TV. The speciality of this music based reality show for the kids lies in the fact that in this the contestants or the participants only sings Mappilla Pattukkal or the Muslim songs. Mappila Paattu or Mappila Song is a popular type or sect of Muslim songs which are very popular and originates from the Malabar region or the Northern Kerala. Mappilla songs are distinct in nature and has a unique identity which are firmly rooted to the culture and tradition of Kerala. The Mappilla songs are sung and composed in many languages like Hindi, Tamil, Persian and Urdu apart from its traditional Arabic and in Malayalam language. In this show young candidates in the age group of 8 years to 14 years are carefully selected through a rigorous, stringent and strict auditioning process, The show is currently hosted and anchored by vivacious and charming Malayalam anchor and actress Lakshmi and judges chairs are adorned by eminent Music personalities from the Malayalam Music Industry and an experts in the Mappilla songs- Sajila Salim, Shabnam Riyaz and Firoz Babu.