Malayalam Tv Show Kuttikkalavara

Kuttikkalavara  Malayalam TV SHOWS on Flowers TV

Kuttikkalavara is a children’s cookery show which came on the channel Flowers TV. It is a Malayalam language show and came on weekdays between Monday and Thursday in the half an hour time slot between 8:30 and 9:00 PM. It premiered on Indian television screens on 19thOctober 2015. The program featured young kids with a distinct flair for cooking. They come on the show and show us the bundle of talent they possess. They create some excellent dishes which even many adults would have difficulty tackling. The series got anchored by the renowned television personality Muthumani. She guides the evening of fun and activities with the kids and makes sure that there isn’t a dull moment involved. Kuttikkalavara is a unique show found on Indian television. Many kids from all over the state participate in the program.

They display a lot of talent which one would not usually associate with children of their age. The show is an amalgamation of cookery, fun activities, and interactions with renowned television artists who visit the show. All of this gets overseen as well as coordinated by the anchor Muthumani. The program got launched to tackle similar children based shows on other competing Malayalam language channels. But they differentiated themselves with the unique concept that promises to be a bundle of fun. Flowers TV gets counted amongst the regularly watched channels amidst the Malayalam language speaking audiences.

The channel is completely owned as well as operated by the group of Insight Media City. They make an attempt towards redefining the kind of entertainment on display. It aims at portraying a whole new fresh approach as well as outlook toward the kind of programs which are on offer. These attributes have helped them in winning over the viewers’ minds and establishing a connection with them. Ever since the channel’s launch in the year of 2015, they have lent strong focus on developing their technical prowess and the quality of programming.

Their production, as well as their many creative teams, comprise of professionals who come with expansive expertise in the world of media. The creativity and instincts they bring to the table get coupled with their insights about what the viewers love and enjoy watching. This combination makes sure that they can design as well as develop a diverse range of programming which consists of great content. The programs range across genres such as comedy, music, technology, films, cookery, reality shows, and even fashion.