Malayalam Tv Show Ketathum Kandathum

Other names of : Thacholi Othenan
Thacholi Othenan Malayalam TV SHOWS on Asianet News

Ketathum Kandathum is the Malayalam news based show airing on Asianet News TV channel. Formerly, Balachandra Menon hosted this show. Balachandra Menon is the renowned Malayalam actor. He is a director, producer, singer, and scriptwriter as well. Now, N.K.Raveendran presents this show. In Malayalam, Kettathum Kandathum means heard and seen. The host presents the news that he heard and then interviews the person related to the topic. This show reveals the social evils and troubles faced by the people in Kerala. It also helps people who are in need. The backward people in society like shepherds, fishermen, artists who strive hard to live, and many more faces several problems. This show focuses on them and helps in providing solutions to their issues.