Malayalam Tv Show Kalikkalam

Kalikkalam Malayalam tv-shows on Surya TV

The famous Malayalam language show Kalikkalam gets telecast on Surya TV on every Sunday at 4:30 P.M. The presenter of the show, Pradeep, visits various campuses across colleges in Kerala and invites students to participate in fun games and activities. The show is very popular with students of all ages. The participants get to play different games and win prizes for their performance. The best part of the show is that the host makes sure to involve students from all the departments. The games can be indoor or outdoor, depending on the availability of space and resources.

One of the episodes showed how female students from a college were made to participate in a tug-of-war event. Both the sides used their full force to win. Similarly, another episode of Kalikkalam involved children, youngsters, teenagers and other people. They ran on water by stepping on tire tubes with the help of a rope. This episode was one of the most watched and liked episodes by viewers. A popular episode featuring students from Karippal got telecast in 2015.The show started with a brief introduction of participants.

After introducing themselves, the female participants started with their first activity which demanded concentration and speed. The same game was played again by males, and they lost miserably. The winners received prizes sponsored by Butterfly dhotis, Prince, Roshini creations and Signals casuals. Kalikkalam, produced by Mr. Ajayan Payyanur, has become a hit with viewers of all age groups. The show along with entertainment also develops social, emotional and learning skills of the participants and enhances the spirit of sportsmanship amongst the players.

In 2015, the team of Kalikkalam got an opportunity to become a part of the School Athletic Meet 2015. Various athletes belonging to different schools in Kerala were part of this event. The program included races, high jumps and long jump along with other sports. Most of the winners at school level also explored the chance to show their talent at state and national level championships. They also received lot of appreciation for their talent, For latest updates in the world of Malayalam TV, log on to their YouTube channel, Surya Television and do not forget to visit their Facebook page on