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Jeevan Rekha Malayalam TV SHOWS on Jeevan Tv

Jeevan Rekha is a health based talk show in the Malayalam language that airs on the channel, Jeevan TV. Jeevan TV is a satellite television channel that is based on news and entertainment in the Malayalam language. The show, Jeevan Rekha was launched for the first time in the year 2012. The show ran continuously for four years and finally came to an end in 2016. The show has had multiple episodes in all these years, each episode lasting for 30 minutes. The show was aired once a week, on Saturdays at 2:30 p.m. IST.

Jeevan Rekha is a talk show related to health and fitness issues. On each episode, a special guest is invited who is a specialist in the field of medicine and health. Each of these guests specializes in different fields of medical practice like cardiology, oncology, general physicians, etc. Some of these experts are also owners and members of various popular and great health institutions in and around the state of Kerala. The host calls these guests to talk to them about the different on-going or prevalent health issues.

They talk about many such ailments which are major or minor in nature but can cause harm to human health over a period of time. Each episode has a different topic that is discussed. Some of these discussions carry on for more than one episode with the same or different experts to get varied views on the issue. The show focuses on major trending health issues like obesity, their disadvantages, and how they can be treated and removed medically through medicine or operation. The show features different types of latest medical treatments or medical technologies that have recently been invented. Treatments like plastic surgery, liposuction, etc., are all discussed in detail on the show including their requirements, benefits, pros, and cons, if any.

The show not only features allopathic treatments but also gives a huge weightage to ayurvedic treatments and medicines. Some of these medical treatments can become very expensive and unaffordable for the general public. In such cases, some of these ailments can be treated in a more affordable and efficient way. This is where Ayurveda comes to play. Many ayurvedic experts and owners of ayurvedic institutes have also been called to the show to share their views on these various ailments.

Like the Managing Director of Rishi Ayurveda Hospital and Research Centre discusses diabetes as a disease and how it can lead to various other related diseases. He also talks about the different researches that are being conducted at their institute and the new findings that have been made as a result of them. The show gives an overview and detailed knowledge on health and healthcare like the precautions and dos and don’ts in the initial months of pregnancy, the risks related to operations done on children and alternate ways to treat them. In later years of the show, a new idea was introduced in the format.

The audience could contact the team of the show through emails and live calls regarding their queries on the issues being discussed. The host would take the call and ask these questions to the expert live which the expert had to answer. The show is very informative and enlightens its viewers on different upcoming progress and technologies made in the field of medical science, and hence, the show is much viewed and very popular amongst the audience.