Malayalam Tv Show Gulumal

Gulumal Malayalam tv-shows on Surya TV

Gulumal is a comedy based reality TV show which came on the channel Surya TV. The series is a Malayalam language one that came between Monday and Friday. The program features a variety of actors who play different pranks on common people in public spaces. It got designed along the immensely popular American television series titled Candid Camera and later the equally hilarious Just For Laughs Gags. The very same concept had gotten introduced to the Malayalam television space by Sabu in his show titled Tharikidam. The show is a hilarious rendition with some great pranks getting played out on the screen.

The show has a fixed cast which comes back in every episode and pranks innocent bystanders in public. The cast members grab a hold of various people walking on the streets and engage them in a number of pranks. These pranks can range from anything under the sun. The resulting scenarios are intensely funny with the expression upon the faces of their victims saying it all. The victims are later given gifts for their trouble and the time they got made to waste. The pranks can stretch the selected victims to the limits of their tolerance, and they get really agitated at times as well.

The series follows a silent format where minimum dialogues get involved. The reactions to the pranks range from simple bemusement to a hilarious overtone containing agitated souls. These people get made to perform tasks bordering on the insane, and sometimes small jokes get played on them. The show makes use of a hidden camera whereby the entire sequence gets captured unfolding from a secret location. It captures everyone action and the reaction of the unsuspecting subjects of each and every prank. Every episode consists of a multitude of pranks by the team.

Some of the segments can include some very brief dialogues, but mostly they do not have any kind of sound or dialogues. The audio of the shoot gets replaced with hilarious sound effects and laugh tracks or music found in the public domain. The pranks range across a variety of styles and formats ranging from practical jokes to conning someone. Some episodes feature acts like the crew asking a random stranger to help them hold something which would make them busy, and then quickly walking away leaving the victim confused and befuddled about what is going on. On some other occasions, they would dress up as police officers who would then “catch hold” of a person and then investigate them for something. Once the prank ends, the victims are shown the camera and are apologized to for the deed.