Malayalam Tv Show Golden Couple

 Golden Couple  Malayalam TV SHOWS on Jeevan Tv

Golden Couple is a Jeevan TV, Malayalam language TV show. The TV show hit the TV screens in the year 2013. Golden Couple is a TV game show. The TV show is made for the common couples. These people are not celebrities but they are common people. Couples were allowed to take part in this TV game show. The aim to make this TV show was to find the Golden Couple. Praveena hosted this game show and played the game with the participants.

In one episode, one at a time there was only one couple that could participate. The host would sit with the couple to play the game. There was a computer screen placed rightly in between the seats of the host and the couple. The screen faces both, the couple, and the host. The game has the concept of questions, and answers. The host asks a lot of questions from the couple which is displayed on the screen, and the couple has to answer right to move further in the game.

The questions were based on general knowledge of different fields. The host would start the show with a sweet welcome note for the audiences. There after she would introduce the couple who will be playing the game with her sitting on the hot seat. The TV show was not just about questions and answers, but it was to give a lovely couple a stage where they could bring a change in their lives. The host did not only ask questions but discussed a lot about the lives of the couple. She asked them questions on how they met the story of their lives, their best qualities, what makes them the vest couple, and a lot of questions about them. Not just this, as the host was a good singer, so she used to sing a lot of songs for the couples and would ask them to join in. The concept of the questioning answering was kept like; in order to win a couple has to take part in the quiz by sitting on the hot chair.

The couple is asked ten questions, which they have to answer one by one. The couple who gets all these ten questions right is entitled to the prize of the show. The winning couple is given three beautiful sovereigns of gold. The prize of the show made it an appealing game show. Meanwhile, during these question answer round, there were talks about the household affair. The TV show was a complete source of entertainment; it had a good host, good music, good title track, intelligent couples, good question answer rounds, fun, and a good amount of love to spread.