Malayalam Tv Show Flavours Of Thailand

Flavours Of Thailand Malayalam TV SHOWS on Kairali TV

Flavours of Thailand was a culinary show that aired on Kairali TV. The show was aired in Malayalam and was hosted by Dr.Lekshmi Nair. The show ran for just one season with 56 episodes in 2016. The show explored the culinary delights across Thailand. The show’s host was Dr.Lekshmi Nair. She has a degree in Law and served as a lecturer in law academies throughout Kerala.

She started her television career as a news presenter for Doordarshan in 1980s. She then tried various roles. However, she gained fame as a celebrity culinary host and judge. She was the host of the successful cooking show ‘ Magic Oven’ on Kairali TV itself before moving to food and travel shows. As the name suggests, the show travelled extensively throughout Thailand to explore its cuisine and the food it has to offer. The show went to various food hotspots that are popular among tourists and also some lesser known places.

Besides eating, Dr.Lekshmi also enjoys various activities and sights Thailand has to offer. Unlike other shows, Flavours of Thailand depicts the journey as the travel from one place to another and the various things that they get to see. The show does not restrict itself to fancy restaurants but also goes to different roadside stalls, smaller shacks and lesser known eateries. Often, the real food of any place can be found on the food stalls. The show travelled extensively to popular places across Thailand.

It first went to the famous Pattaya area where they visit the Pattaya Beach, the Central Festival Mall, Pattaya Palace and the Royal Garden. They also go to the Floating Market and the Underwater World. From Pattaya, the show travels to its capital – Bangkok. Bangkok is revered for its nightlife, and Dr.Lekshmi visits popular hangouts to explore the nightlife in Bangkok. She also goes to the Downtown area. Bangkok is a multi-cultural city and offers various food styles like Thai, Chineseand Indian.

The host tries all of these foods. Besides tasting the food in Bangkok, she also visits famous places like the Safari World, the Weekend Market. Besides these popular tourist places, the show also visits the UNESCO heritage site Ayutthaya and Krabi. It also goes to the island of Phi Phi Island known for its restaurants and pristine beaches. The show ends with a visit to River City, Phile Bay and the island of Ko Kret.