Malayalam Tv Show Duet

Duet Malayalam tv-shows on Amrita TV

Duet is Malayalam musical show that airs on the channel Amrita TV. The show airs on weekdays, from Monday to Friday at 7:30 p.m. The show was one of the most watched prime time shows of the year 2016. It is said that if anything expresses the inexpressible better than silence, it is music. In the daily rush of our lives, the mind needs to relax, and nothing better than soothing music does that for both our minds and hearts. This music show, Duet brings us exactly that as a daily source of peace and calm to our tired souls.

The show is a platform where great musicians and singers come and share their music with the audience. In a calming yet colourful backdrop of a stage, the show brings eminent names of the music industry of the South to share their stories, memories, and experiences through a musical conversation with the host. The show is like a musical journey through the lives of these great musicians. They also perform some of their very melodious works in a very different never-heard-before version that uplifts the moods of those watching the show.

Sometimes, they also perform songs of other artists in their version, which brings a new feel all together to the song. The show will give you a spread of melodious song not only from the yester years but also from the recent modern cinema. On this show, the music of these songs is mainly played on piano and violin which gives these songs this exotic feeling which is so much different from the full orchestra-recorded music that you hear. The show is mainly about musical performances and is hosted by Jyotsna Radhakrishnan.

She is a famous singer in Malayalam cinema, and she has given some of her career best performances in Malayalam cinema in the mesmerizing voice that she possesses. She is also not her first venture into television. She has hosted other music shows and been a part of a singing reality show.

The show has seen performances from a lot of very celebrated musicians in the South film industry who have contributed hundreds of songs for the millions of ardent music listeners across the globe. RoopaRevathy, who was a winner of a reality show on the same channel, Hariharan, Radhika Sethumadhavan, Soumya Ramakrishnan, Kannur Sherif, Ganga, Unni Menon, KallaraGopan are few of the many veteran artists that have been a part of this show. These names have been synonymous with great music through ages. The essence of the show had been such that on now, on weekends, certain episodes of this show are re-telecasted.