Malayalam Tv Show Devasangeetham

Devasangeetham Malayalam Tv shows on Asianet tv
Devasangeetham is a musical show aired by Asianet Global television channel.
As the name indicates Devasangeetham covers devotional songs. The show is aired only on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning slot. Devasangeetham is an ideal program to start the day with the thought about the almighty. The show was started in 2013. 
The specialty of Devasangeetham is that they select songs from various devotional videos . Some of the songs depict and entire mythological story with superior graphics, which is an added bonus to the viewers. This religious musical-based program focuses on all deities and faith and caters to specific sections during religious festivals.
Devasangeetham has a segment where the viewers can send emails/call the how with their opinion and favorite songs. The letters are read and suitable changes are implemented. The compilation of devotional albums and songs is commendable. The show is produced by M G Sajithan. 
Devasangeetham also features the songs as per the religious importance. Through this program, leading media companies get a platform to exhibit a sample from their devotional video to the audience, The viewers have commented that they make decisions to buy an album if they like the songs played at Devasangeetham show. Most of the albums feature leading movie/serial actors to make the songs more attractive.