Malayalam Tv Show Comedy Time

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This show had no new content than the traditional comedy programs. It had an anchor who compiles various jokes before telecast. After a point of time the lead was withdrawn.

Comedy time had the beginning during the start of the channel to fill the time gap between two programs. After the advent of various associate, lead, and title sponsors, it had made as a new half an hour event including the commercial breaks. It had the collection of comedy scenes from different films. A particular comedian’s series had arranged and broadcasted for the benefit of the audience. After the introduction of various exclusive comedies networking podcasts, this event had lost its face value.

There was no popularity to any of the specific journals. No particular drama had crossed the views of 10, 000 in total on the social networking platform such as the YouTube. However, the author personally would like to suggest that the spectacle had a high use. It happened to be the biggest stress buster as goes the saying laughing keeps us healthy. It had many health benefits. Some of them include a regularized heartbeat, circulation of blood, and reduction in stress.

The most watched one is Jayaram’s Comedy. Jayaram, who had a degree in playing Chhanda (A Kerala Musical Instrument), had hilarious inherent skills with him. The second was Mammoty’s jokes. Owing to the increasing competition, the channel has decided to rope in famous comedians to the drama. They gave a particular number and asked the viewers to call them. They can talk to the anchor, discuss any questions relating to his affairs, and finally could ask for their favourite. This had the format of the latest music worlds in the continent.

The biggest disadvantage is that it could not compete with the increase of the technology. Any person could hardly find a video in relation to the content of the demonstration. The digitalization lack at the internet era had resulted in the downfall and non-popularity of the display. At present, this presentation at Surya Television had involved in the accumulation of various hilarious scenes from the latest films and also giving insights about the same. They had tried their level best to continue the editions without affecting their entertainment quotient with their audiences amidst various programme as well as serials. Thus, continuance of the hit had showed their fanatics the level of commitment by the editors and content creators.