Malayalam Tv Show Bhavasooryanum Raganakshathrangalum

Bhavasooryanum Raganakshathrangalum Malayalam Tv shows on Asianet tv



Bhavasooryanum Raganakshathrangalum is a program which was telecasted by Asianet television in four episodes in August 2014. This was designed as chat cum music show related to the Asianet’s prime time reality show, Star Singer.

Star Singer is a musical reality show from Asianet which is successfully running the seventh season. The show started with seventeen contestants and following the process of elimination based on sms and marks, ten singers were selected for the final show. In the show Bhavasooryanum Raganakshathrangalum, famous singer P.Jayachandran had a chat with the ten contestants along with the anchor, Rimi Tomy.

Jayachandran explained the story behind some of his hit songs like olenjali kuruvi, manjilayil mungi thorthi etc. He also highlighted the role of technicians and other supporting artists behind a hit song. Seventy year old Jayachandran beautifully rendered some of his recent hit songs while the awestruck audience was mesmerized by his versatility. He also explained the technique of associating bhava to each song. P.Jayachandran’s son Dinanath also participated in the show and shared some of his beautiful songs with the audience. The father-son duo also shared their experiences. Jayachandran also explained the importance of non-film music for singer. His invaluable tips and blessings came at the right time for the singers gearing up for the final show. 

Rimi Tomy used her typical humor touch to pep up the show.