Malayalam Tv Show 25 Kottayam Nazeer

25 Kottayam Nazeer Malayalam tv-shows on YouTube Channel

Artist Kottayam Nazeer was a great mimicry artist. He was also a comedian of the decade in the film industry. He had completed a span of 25 years in the Mollywood Cinemas. To commemorate the journey, he had decided to present a brand new show called as 25 Kottayam Nazeer. It was telecasted in the new Malayalam channel called as Flowers Television Network. The format of the event resembles the other competing serial whereby a celebrity of repute has roped in as a guest. Nazeer would be the chief questioning authority. His attire would be in the same manner as that of his films.

They would be performing many dramas. Some humorous elements, as well as witty comments, had shared in between the game. There would also be stand up comedies as well as funny things which they had been doing throughout their film life. The grand finale event would conclude at a stretch for four hours including the commercial breaks from the title sponsors. It would be broadcasted from 10.00 P. M. to 10.30 P. M. at every Saturday and Sunday. There would be a total of 25 segments in this version. Kottayam Nazeer had retained the charm as well as his repute throughout the lifetime.

Santhanam, a Tamil comedian in his official twitter handle, had congratulated Nazeer and added that he had learnt a lot from the veteran as to how to hit a timing comedy as well as making stomach paining jokes. He also cleared that every new joker in the industry had to learn from the giants and Nazeer was one among them. He further marked that the footprints left by the kingpins must follow at every walk of life. Nazeer had stated that he was an ardent follower of various comedians who was performing at the silver screens as well as the set plays.

Despite reaching a sublime level, he was too generous to appreciate each and every guy throughout the State. He had given a great word about the comedy series in the Indian subcontinent. He also commented that the future of the Indian Comedy rests with the new entrants. Humour does not come without proper practice. The Comedian did not require a brand face or style. All he would need was a great speaking ability such in order make the viewer’s think as well as laugh out loud. Thus, the effort of Nazeer to celebrate his 25 years of cinematic must be commendable.