Malayalam Tv Serial Yakshiyum Njanum

Yakshiyum Njanum Malayalam TV SERIALS on Asianet Plus

Yakshiyum Njanum, the Malayalam-dubbed Hindi series airing on Asianet Plus, opens with a curt and chilling prelude stating that the visible world inhabited by human beings is also home to numerous paranormal beings who derive their malevolent power from dark magic and Tantric rituals. When the story begins, we are introduced to a newlywed couple, Suhasini and Mahinder, traveling on a train to Mithilapuri. Mahinder informs his wife about a tradition in his family wherein a new bride has to don her wedding chain in front of the presiding deity of the Ram Temple at Mithilapur. Hence, he tells her that their first stop in Mithilapur will be the temple. But Suhasini seems afraid at the prospect of going to an unknown temple in the middle of the night, and that too on a new moon day. However, Mahinder reassures her by saying that there is nothing to fear.

But Suhasini is still in the grip of fear and senses something ominous in the air. She is scared that something untoward is about to happen, and several unpleasant incidents seem to reaffirm her concerns. Having reached the station, they disembark and are met by a domestic help who leads them to the temple. But unbeknownst to the couple, danger awaits them at the dilapidated and seemingly abandoned temple. As they reach the temple, the atmosphere turns violent with ferocious wind and intense lightning. By now the domestic help has gone missing, disappeared suspiciously, and the couple has gotten trapped in that temple of doom, which they discover is now the abode of a dreaded dark wizard. 

The wizard reveals to them his evil plan and why he made them come to him. He wanted the new bride to magnify his dark powers. The evil wizard tries to force himself upon Suhasini, but Mahinder comes in between and a fight ensues. The sorcerer outsmarts Mahinder and assumes his body to get intimate with Suhasini. Suhasini, sensing that something is amiss, resists the advances upon which the sorcerer’s true form is revealed yet again. By now, Mahender’s friends and relatives have found him lying unconscious in the temple. An enraged Suhasisni chops off the wizard’s head, who apparently dies but not before producing a warning and uttering a curse.

Cut to some 20 years later, and we come face to-face with the next generation; the two daughters of Mahinder. They live in Mumbai and seem to have no inkling of the horrible happenings of yesteryears. But their blissful ignorance is in for a rude awakening as the past has now come knocking at their doors in the form of a marriage proposal from the dreaded village of Mithilapur itself.