Malayalam Tv Serial Velankanni Mathavu

Valankanni Mathavu Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv
Velankanni Mathavu belongs to the devotional genre of the serials. The serial is a visual depiction of the ways in which The Divine Mother Mary of Velankanni intervenes in the life of ordinary people to create miracles and wonders in their lives and thereby better their lives. The cast included the now famous actress Namita Pramod, whose depiction of Mother Mary still remains in the minds of the audience. The Divine Mother of Velankanni is associated with health and especially with fishermen. Hence, most of the stories had a background of the sea. The story shows how Mother Mary intervenes at the right time in the lives of ordinary people to cure the diseases, to stop people from exploiting them and to bring prosperity to the down trodden. The serial was more like a series which showed different themes on different days. However, the same theme often ran for four to five days. Directed by T S Saji, the serial was also famous for its theme song. Telecasted in Surya TV, this serial was well appreciated by the audience irrespective of the cast because of the novelty in the theme. However, there were criticisms from certain quarters that the serial was merely portraying Mother Mary as a miracle woman and not as the divine person she is. However, the serial brought heartwarming stories that stayed in the minds of the audience.

(Surya TV – 2009)