Malayalam Tv Serial Varanthyam

Varanthyam Malayalam Tv serials on Indiavision

Varanthyam is a weekly TV program in Malayalam Language. It airs on prominent and controversial Malayalam news channel Indiavision, the channel which has been criticized for being anti-secularist media channel as it constantly airs programs with such anti secularist propaganda. Varanthyam is a weekly news and media analysis program that is aired on Indiavision every Wednesday at 6:30 am in the morning and a fresh and brand new episode is telecast every Sunday at 7:30 pm in the evening. Varanthyam is hosted and anchored by A. Jayashankar. A. Jayashankar is a noted, ace and famous lawyer, critic and media personality from Kerala. Varanthyam attracted many Keralite viewers not only from various parts of India but from across the world. In each and every brand new episode of Varanthyam, a round up or summarized version of all the important and highlighted news published across all the daily newspapers in Kerala are discussed in depth and in details. A. Jayashankar who is a meticulous and avid media watcher, discusses in details and narrates the news and its analysis in a commentary style.

 The show gained immense popularity in a very short span of time, one of the main reasons being A. Jayashankar’s impeccable style of hosting the show. He is known for his political analysis of any topic and news and his ability to narrate any such topics wrapped in humor.