Malayalam Tv Serial Vaalsalyam

Vaalsalyam Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv

Vaalsalyam is a family daily drama soap in Malayalam language. The show Vaalsalyam is aired on popular Malayalam entertainment television channel Surya TV.  Vaalsalyam is aired on every weekdays from Monday to Friday on Surya TV from 6:00 pm in the evening onward as per IST (Indian standard time). Vaasalyam is the Malayalam version of the hit, successful and popular Hindi mega serial Uttaran which airs in Hindi popular entertainment television channel Colors TV. The show is produced by Mumbai based production house Film Farm India. The story of Vaasalyam is the story of two girls. One rich and the other poor.  It is the Malayalam dubbed version of Uttaran.

The plot involves around these two girls, their growing up, jealousy between these two girls and their family. When these two girls grow up, the rich girl Tapasya or Tappu becomes immensely jealous of the other poor girl Iccha who on the other girl is very much loving, caring, affectionate and compassionate and friendly towards Tapasya and considers her best friend. In the turns of events, Tapasya marries Iccha’s love interest intentionally and fames Iccha in various problems which she is totally unaware of. The rest of the plot revolves around their changed relationships and the gradual progression of their lives. The show is an instant success and has been awarded by many television awards and has won the accolades of the viewers also. Actresses 'Tina Dutta' and Rashami Desai Rashami Desai is a well-known television actress, >> Read More... are seen in the role of the main female protagonists, while veteran actor Ayub Khan Ayub Khan is a famous Indian Film and TV actor who >> Read More... is seen in this serial in a very important and prominent character role.