Malayalam Tv Serial Uppum Mulakum

Uppum Mulakum Malayalam TV SERIALS on Flowers TV

Uppum Mulakum was aired on 14 December 2015 on Flowers TV. The series features Biju Sopanam, Nisha Sarang, Rishi S Kumar, Juhi Rustagi, Al Sabith, Shivani Menon, and Baby Ameya in the lead roles. It is also dubbed in Tamil, Uppum Karamum, and is aired on Flowers Tamil YouTube Channel. Written by Suresh Babu and Afsal Karunagapally, directed by S.J. Sinu, Uppum Mulakum is a Malayalam show. It depicts events in the life of Balachandran Thampi, his wife Neelima, and their five children. Balachandran Thampi is a self-employed electronics technician, and his wife, Neelima, works in a private firm as an accountant.

They have five children named Vishnu, Lakshmi, Keshav, Shivani, and Parvathy. They face challenges to earn a living and aim to fulfill their wish of a foreign trip successfully. Other pivotal characters in the show are Balu's brother Surendran Thampi, his parents, his cousin Rema, her father Shankaran, Neelima's parents Kuttan Pillai and Bhavani Amma, her brother Sreekuttan, their neighbors Bhasi, Nawas, Shukoor, newspaper boy Kannan, autorickshaw driver Chandran and his wife Kanakam and some of Vishnu's friends, Jerry, Meenu and Jennah. Vishnu is a dancer and Neelima's favorite son. He has a dance crew and is a college student.

Lakshmi is the lazy, beauty-conscious eldest daughter of the family. She loves poems and singing. She joined B.Com for further studies. Keshu and Shiva are school-going naughty kids. They make mischievous plans, and Lachu always gets threatened by them. Parvathy is the youngest baby in the family. She's adorable and addicted to their family cat Kingini.