Malayalam Tv Serial The Officer

The Officer Malayalam TV SERIALS on Amrita TV

Aired on Amrita TV, The Officer is a Malayalam language investigation serial launched on July 1st, 2015.Telecasted from Monday to Thursday between 8:00 to 8:30 P.M., this thriller series focuses on the crime scene and its investigation by the officers. Actor Kishore Sathya can be seen playing the lead role of investigating officer along with actor Meera Krishna from the TV fraternity. Thriller series keep the audiences on their toes as there is always an element of uncertainty in such stories.Slowly they turn out to be exciting and also dangerous at the same time.

Crime and investigation series like The officer keeps the viewers glued to TV screens as they wonder what is going to happen next. Sometimes there can be unexpected turns and twists, which eventually get solved by the investigating officers. A famous episode based on a real life story showed how a group of friends, who went for an outing, ended up losing one of them. One of the boys in the group liked a girl and tried to misbehave with her in isolation. She raised the alarm and gathered other people. After a while, a serial killer hired by an old enemy of the girl, brutally murdered her.Her friends discovered her body in a bad state and informed the cops about it. The officer investigated the case and questioned the guy who misbehaved with her.

Eventually, after a lot of investigation, the culprit got arrested and jailed. Thrillers mostly revolve around existing crimes like kidnapping, murder, extortion, and trafficking, etc. Some stories seem inspired by real-life incidents. Thrillers have long storylines with complex plots. On the other hand, these stories are sometimes helpful in educating people regarding the common crimes and how they can protect themselves and their loved ones. One of the most watched episodes showed how a young boy got kidnapped and lost his life due to sheer negligence.

The story started by showing a small boy going to school in the morning. Few teenagers, who wanted to earn some extra money, tried to trouble the boy and offered him chocolates. The young child accepted it and got pulled in the car by unknown people.Eventually, the teenagers called his parents and asked for a huge ransom to save their son. The distressed parents accepted the offer and contacted the police.One night, under the influence of alcohol, the teenagers fought among themselves, and one of them took out a gun to shoot. The dispute took an ugly turn and somehow, the young boy got shot. Frightened by the incident, the teenagers left the body of the child and ran away. Eventually, the investigating officer along with his team reached the scene of the crime and handed the body of the child to his parents. After collecting enough evidence, the teenagers got arrested and confessed their crime.