Malayalam Tv Serial Swayamvaram

Swayamvaram Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet plus

Swayamvaram is a dubbed version of the Sanjay Leela Bhansali Serial telecasted in Star Plus. The serial is a loves tory between Saras and Kumud, who initially not interested in marriage, starts loving each other. They understand their love for each other and believes that they are complete only in their togetherness. However, how life takes reverse turns in their life before their wedding day and how Kumud ends up married to another person forms the plot of the serial in the initial episodes. Thus Kumud, forced to get married to someone else, finds that she is being married to a drunkard who has no love for her. The series later shows Kumud divorcing her husband and getting married to Saras, after a series of issues. But, this is not the end of a “happily ever after” series. Kumud and Saras enter into a series of other issues. The mysterious death of the mother of Saras and the ensuing feud between Saras and his father, which leaves him empty handed from the rich man that he was - all add color to the serial. Loves stories are not a familiar serial theme for the Malayali audience. And that, in fact, is the major attraction of this serial.