Malayalam Tv Serial Swami Ayyappan

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Swami Ayyappan is an Indian soap opera that is launched on Asianet and directed by Suresh Unnithan. Released on 20th November 2006 it stars Kaushik Babu in the lead. It airs for five days, that is from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm.

The King of heaven, King Indra after losing against Durvasa, churn the ocean of milk along with other Gods and demons to attain immortality, the Amrit. The demons get jealous of Indra and decide to steal the Amrit. Lord Vishnu turns into the enchantress Mohini who not only gains the Amrit for them but also takes the possession of the heart of Lord Shiva. As Indra ascends the throne, Mahishasura, the demon attacks the Heaven. To destroy him Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva create Goddess Durga. Mahishi seeks a boon from Brahma which makes her immortal.

She can be killed only by the son of Shiva and Vishnu. Knowing that both the male Gods cannot have a son, she becomes unstoppable. Bhasmasura performs rituals to please Lord Shiva and becomes successful. According to the wish granted he could turn anyone he touches into dust. To test the power he decides to try it on Lord Shiva itself. He chases him, and Lord Vishnu comes to rescue. Lord Vishnu as Mohini distracts him and challenges him to dance competition. He repeats the steps after Mohini and copies her. At the end of the dance, she touches her head, following him doing the same. Bhasmasura instantly reduces to dust making her successful in her plan. Rajashekharan was a king of a princely state who did not have an heir to his throne. The subjects loved their King and Queen, and they prayed to the Lord to bless them with a son.

After the death of Bhasmasura, Shiva reveals to Narada about his love towards Mohini and that he is confused on how to approach her. Narada informs Vishnu about Shiva’s desire and Vishnu is flattered. He transforms into Mohini and visits Shiva. They coming together gives birth to life. Mohini leaves the baby in the forest tying a bell around the neck. King Rajashekharan finds the baby and snuggles him. Lord Shiva appears in front of him as a priest and tells him to name him Manikandan.

He agrees happily. Manikandan grows and becomes an all-rounder. Meanwhile, the Queen gives birth to a son and later plans a plot against her elder son coming under the spell of the corrupt minister. The story ends with the king constructing a temple at Sabarimala for his elder son. It is one of the top rated serials among the Malayalam viewers. Due to its high rating and demand, it was re-launched on Asianet Plus.