Malayalam Tv Serial Surya Singer Challenge

Surya Singer Challenge Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv

Surya Singer Challenge is a music based reality show which airs on Surya TV. The show aims to locate the next big musical star of Southern India. The show is one of a kind. All the participants on the show are juniors. They all belong in the age bracket of six to twelve years. The show thus caters to a more youthful audience. The series provides an excellent platform for finding budding talents. The series saw participants in the form of gifted kids who gave everything they had. The show performs an important role in finding numerous exceptional talents from all over Kerala.

The show conducted auditions all over the state to locate the top twenty-four participants who would vie for the grand prize on the program. The series gives a boost to singers statewide who aspire to take this up professionally. Surya Singer Challenge got judged by the renowned personalities G. Venugopal, Unnikrishnana, and Vani Jayaram. To support them, the show had the maestro Vidyadharan Master, who acted as the Mahaguru for all the contestants in the series.

This season of the challenge saw the ever pleasant Delsi Ninan in the role of the host. Post a grueling contest which tested all contestants to their limit, Sreya Jayadeep emerged as the winner of the series. She took home the grand prize of Rs. 10 Lakhs. She was the youngest participant on the show at the age of eight years old. She was also given the offer of singing in films as a playback singer. She, therefore, went on to make her debut with the movie Weeping Boy.

She performed two songs for the film. Since then, she has also had the opportunity of lending her voice in numerous other movies. Her talents emerged from a very young age. She got hooked to singing songs even as a toddler when she used to try and mime songs played on the TV at the innocent age of two. Her formal instruction as a classical singer began when she was merely four years old. Her boundless talent has led her to record songs for over fifty films; she used to sing devotional songs as well before she reached the age of ten years old. Surya Singer Challenge saw Anjana as the first runner-up for which she got awarded Rs. 7.5 Lakhs. Anamika came in as the second runner-up and received Rs. 2 Lakhs as the prize. Irfan rounded up the top four as the third runner-up and took home a prize of Rs. 1 Lakh.