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Malayalam Tv Serial Sthreedhanam

Sthreedhanam Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv

Sthreedhanam is a Malayalam television serial broadcasted on Asianet from Monday to Friday at 7.30 PM. The show begins with Prashanthan’s wedding. He is the eldest among Sethulakshmi and Lakshmanan Pillai’s three sons. They belong to the refined Palat clan.

Sethulakshmi is a dominant and greedy mother who forcefully pushed Prashanthan to marry Divya from the Meledath family. But Sethulakshmi was not happy that Divya will be part of their family with a worthless grant and small gold. All she wants is Divya’s wealth. She used her power as Divya’s mother-in-law and gave Divya and her parents an extremely big trouble. Mayuri is the cousin of Prashanthan asked about what is going on in the Palat’s family.

She wished to ruin Prashanthan and Divya’s marriage because she wants to become Prashanthan’s wife. She uses deceitful tricks when there is a chance. Meanwhile, Sethulakshmi found out that Divya’s jewelry are all fake, so she brings Divya back to their house. And later finds out that it is a settlement between Prashanthan and Govindhan, Divya’s father. So she decided that Divya can only come back to their house if she provides her entire ornaments.

Govindhan borrowed money to buy what Sethulakshmi wants and returned her daughter to the Palat’s house. Prakashan, the younger brother of Prashanthan, is in love with Veni. Sethulakshmi accepts her because she came from a wealthy family. Their marriage was arranged, and the conceited Veni entered the Palat’s household. However, Sethulakshmi did not give her freedom. And that’s where the story goes. Krishnamoorthy directed Sthreedhanam, and this serial received the Best Popular Serial Award in the Asianet Television Awards 2014.

Another Version of This Story:

‘Sthreedhanam’ is a Malayalam serial directed by Krishnamoorthy and produced by R Ramesh Babu Ramesh Babu is a film actor and producer in India; >> Read More... under the banner of Rison Pictures. The serial was written by Joicy. As the title says, the plot of the story had exactly emerged with an idea how to amass wealth from women who gets wedded in a family. Respect was given to property of a woman but not to her. That is how the title which meant ’dowry’ had retained its primary focus in this serial.

The cinematography is handled by Ambili Sivarama. Noted singer K S Chitra has sung the title song of this serial for music composer Devika Murali Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . In this serial, Rajeev Roshan Rajeev Roshan, is a popular ‘Malayalam Television’ >> Read More... and Divya Viswanath played the lead characters. The telecast of the show was opened since June 2012 and was aired on all days from Monday to Saturday in Asianet Channel. The serial is framed in the backdrop of an evil mother-in-law’s association with her two daughter-in-laws in a wealthy family.

The nature of the mother-in-law is that she does not like any girl who comes in the family after getting wedded to any of her sons. This is the whole story with different characters engaging themselves with revenge, love, and hatred relationship. The story begins with the wedding of Prashanthan with Divya where Prashanthan marries his choice of girl. But he does not get mothers’ approval. Prashanthan is the eldest son of Sethulakshmi and Lekshamanan Pillai, who belongs to a wealthy, aristocrat and affluent Palat family.

Divya is not liked by Sethulakshmi as she could not bring gold from her parent’s house into this family. The mother-in-law then gives maximum trouble to Divya. Thus, Divya’s life gets into a hell and meantime, her husband’s cousin comes to know about her distress and one such person Mayuri tries to break the married life of Divya and Prashanthan. She wants to become the wife of Prashanthan at any cost. Meanwhile, Sethulakshmi sends Divya back to her parents’ house as Sethulakshmi found out the ornaments given to Palat family at the time of wedding was imitation jewelry. Divya’s father borrows money and provides the perfect ornaments in gold and sends back Divya to her in-laws house.

Now, another son Prakashan’s marriage gets fixed with a girl Veni. Veni and Prakashan had fallen in love with each other but this time, Sethulakshmi approves the marriage as Veni is from a wealthy family. But after her wedding, Veni finds that she is not given much freedom and mother-in-law alone dominates. Now here begins the fight between Sethulakshmi, Divya, and Veni. What happens, at last, is to be seen? Chithra Shenoy plays the role of Sethulakshmi and Vishnu Prakash B essays the role of Lakshmanan Pillai.