Malayalam Tv Serial Sree Padmanabham

Sree Padmanabhan Malayalam Tv serials on Amrita tv

Sree Padmanabhan is a period drama and a popular television drama based on historical facts and is broadcast in Malayalam Language. The show, Sree Padmanabhan is aired on one of the leading and popular Malayalam entertainment television channel Amrita TV. The show aired on every weekdays from Monday through Friday from 9:30 pm onwards as per the Indian standard time (IST). Sree Padmanabhan is directed by director Suresh Unnithan. The various roles in this tele serial are played by some of the most popular and finest actors and actresses from the Malayalam television industry like- Devan, Mohan Sharma, Nivedhyam Padmakumar, Praveena, Ambika, Sreelakshmi, Shalu Menon, Reshmi Boban, Maya Moushumi, Sharath, Sonu and many more. The story of Sree Padmanabhan is the story backed by the historical facts about Swamy Padmanabhan temple, the richest and wealthiest shrine at Travancore. This mega tele serial and the historical drama revolves around the erstwhile royal family of Travancore and their reigning king, royal priest, crown prince in the 11th century Travancore and the political unrest and other major historical events which ultimately led to the establishment of the famous Swamy Sree Padmanabhan temple. The show gained quite popularity among the viewer’s due to its grandeour, rich costumes and portraying of the historical facts without exaggerating the mythical beliefs and the plot.