Malayalam Tv Serial Seetha Kalyanam

Seetha Kalyanam Malayalam TV SERIALS on Asianet TV

This is a Malayalam show aired on Asianet. The first episode was released on 10th September 2018. It is of the genre of romance, and drama. The show is created by Nap Creations, and is based on Lakshmi Kalyanam Lakshmi Kalyanam is a Telugu television series tha >> Read More... Lakshmi Kalyanam . It is written by Sangeetha Mohan Sangeeta Mohan  is popular Indian Malayalam TV and >> Read More... Sangeetha Mohan , and is directed by Manu V Nair, and Sunil Karyattukara.

The leads of the show are Roopa Sree Roopa Sree, the stunning actress who started her c >> Read More... Roopa Sree , Reeneesha Rehman, and Dhanya Mary Varghese Dhanya Mary Varghese was born on September 17, 198 >> Read More... Dhanya Mary Varghese . Seetha is a maternal figure to her more youthful sister, Swathy, and bears all challenges set somewhere around Rajeshwari to shield her sister from distress.

Seetha and Rajeswary, who is a tycoon, progressed toward becoming adversaries at their first gathering itself, and that day forward Rajeswary's plans to vanquish, and decimate Seetha. Rajeswary utilized grimy traps to make Seeta jobless, and succeeded . Around then Seetha's sister Swathi gets pregnant by Ajay, the most youthful child of Rajeswary as they are in a genuine relationship. Meanwhile Kalyan, the senior child, succumbs to Seetha.