Malayalam Tv Serial Samadooram

Samadooram Malayalam Tv serials on Mazhavil manorama tv

Samadooram is a talk show which gets aired on the Mazhavil Manorama channel. It gets broadcast every Saturday at 9:30 PM. It has been performing successfully for some years and is amongst the most popular series in the channel programming repertoire. R.Sreekandan Nair is the host of the show. He was also the person who conceptualized and created the program Nammal Thammil on the Asianet channel which performed successfully for many years. After running that show successfully, he moved on to create Samadooram, which too gained immense popularity.

The series is of an identical format to Sreekandan’s previous show, Nammal Thammil. It is a talk show and has topics which have a socio-cultural angle being discussed. A variety of issues get scanned, which could at the time be extremely controversial too. The issues discussed consist of a healthy variety of topics which are in the public’s interest, current affairs, and pressing issues which pertain to the country’s future and security. The discussion is in-depth, and the analysis gets carried out from multiple angles. The show’s format has got designed for engaging many stakeholders and then give rise to debate. The panel is a combination of guests who get invited to discuss and speak about the day’s topic. They get chosen such that the entire group has a mix of varying opinions. This prevents the discussion from becoming a one-sided affair.

The entire panel then vehemently debates and discusses the topic with proofs and anecdotes. The discussion gets carried out in every possible direction. This ensures a healthy and comprehensive debate where all points of view get addressed. The discussions can also turn into arguments at times in the heat of the moment, but the moderator does a good job of controlling these situations and bringing the debate back on track. Along with the guests who get invited, the audience in the studio is also given a chance to weigh in with their opinions. This gives rise to certain other pertinent points that would otherwise not get included in the discussion. This leads to another round of analysis on the issue. This makes the debate a well-rounded one where most of the relevant points get covered. The reviews and ratings of the program have been mostly good amidst the viewer base. The show’s format, however, has got questioned. This is owing to the animated debates which get carried out. The show thus gets charged with needless sensationalism.