Malayalam Tv Serial Pradakshinam

Pradakshinam Malayalam Tv serials on Amrita tv

Pradakshinam is a religious show which airs on the Amrita TV channel. It gets broadcasted every Sunday at 7:00 AM. The show explores the various religious beliefs in India. It also looks at the rituals we follow and the significance behind them. The show takes us on an in-depth journey of our country’s ancient religious practices.  Some of the concepts which the series tries to explore include those of the aesthetic themes which get followed since the time of our forefathers. It examines the relevance of those to the practices that we have. Also, we also get to delve into the elaborate set of rules associated with these practices. Many of these get accompanied with a very complex set of calculations which most of us tend to ignore.

The intricate details get examined in the program. Many times, we become a part of practice without understanding its true significance. Pradakshinam tries to bridge that gap and make us more knowledgeable about our own customs and traditions. In fact, the show has even made it a point to look at the temple architectures from the ancient days. These works of art which we tend to ignore in most cases are also treasure chests of knowledge. The beautiful and intricate artwork aside, these are also designed as per a strict set of rules and guidelines. They all have their own meaning and relevance concerning the deity getting worshiped as well as the rituals we follow.

All of these factors add up to the richness of the experience. Pradakshinam also goes on to feature some interviews with different experts who shed light on the various aspects associated with the customs and rituals. These guests are people who have devoted their life to the study of this ancient art which is fast fading out. Along with them, we are also introduced to different devotees who share their own personal experiences. Some come looking for hope while others are already immersed in devotion. This adds a profound personal touch to the show as they share personal incidents from their own lives. Even the caretakers and temple officials get interviewed to narrate their own experiences over the years. They add some beautiful observations which lend fresh perspectives on what people look for in life. The series also examines the holy texts to try and understand their teachings in the modern context.