Malayalam Tv Serial Pookkalam Varavayi

Pookkalam Varavayi  Malayalam TV SERIALS on Zee Keralam

Pookalam Varavayi is a soap drama Malayalam series that was aired on Zee Keralam. The serial was broadcasted from July 2019 at 9 pm from Monday to Friday and had a total of 205 episodes each of 20 minutes duration. This serial is also a remake of the Tamil series Poove Poochudava. The story revolves around Samyukta and Abimanyu, who hate each other. Still, later they ally to help Abimanyu’s brother Harshan who has fallen in love with Sapthathi who is Samyuktha’s sister. However, When Sapthathi's marriage with another person has been canceled due to some issues, and they are waiting over for a new match.

While Harshan's mother suggests that Sapthathi should get married to Abimanyu, as he is her elder son. Abimanyu refuses to marry her and fabricate that he is in a relationship with his co-worker. On the other hand, Samyuktha's curiosity heightened to find why Abimanyu's mother wants to get her sister married to him, and soon she discovers her intentions. Due to a series of events, Samyuktha was convinced by her relatives to marry Abimanyu, but he has no feelings for her. The couple quarrels over everything and things never go well between them.

Meanwhile, Abimanyu’s mom devises a plan, and she arranges an astrologer to confront everyone that Harshan’s life would be in danger if he marries Sapthathi. Lately, Samyuktha learns about the accomplice astrologer. In further episodes, she tackles numerous complications that arise and further takes efforts to make her marriage life better with her husband. Finally, Harshan gets married to Sapthathi.

The cast members of this series are Arun Raghavan (Abimanyu), Mridhula ( Samyuktha), Arathi (Sapthathi), Niranjan (Harshan), Uma Nair, and Prakrithi. The series was successful and enjoyed by the audience. The director of this series T.S. Saji and it was produced by Classic Frames.