Malayalam Tv Serial Ponunaal

Ponunaal Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv

Ponunaal is a drama series which airs on the Asianet channel. It was broadcast on all weekdays from Monday to Friday. It is a Malayalam language series which gained immense popularity. It portrays the strength of a single woman and the hardships she goes through to raise her daughter. The story got appreciated immensely by the audience. The narrative was very smooth and entertained the viewers immensely. The show has gained a lot of popularity in a relatively short period.

The story of Ponunaal revolves around Nandhini, who is the protagonist of the series. She is a mother who is trying to raise her daughter single-handedly in spite of facing insurmountable odds. She has to fight all on her own ever since her husband abandoned her and threw her out of their house. She is heartbroken with nowhere left to go. She struggles on a daily basis with life becoming excruciatingly painful. Even amidst all this, her resolve is strong, and she decides to start her life afresh. She fights through all obstacles in her way and doesn’t give up. Her willpower and determination enable her to face any problem head on.

The show follows her journey as she heads over to a new city and tries to start life afresh. Her aspiration and hopes of a beautiful future drive her on.  She tries to find a job to support herself. She doesn’t shy away from any work so much so that she even takes up a job at a construction site. This didn’t come without a price through. Her health deteriorated, and she became weak. Things didn’t always stay bad, though. By a stroke of luck, she meets Anushka, who offers her the position of a receptionist. Nandhini accepts and starts soon. She performs well and enjoys a lot. She even makes new friends over there. Everyone loves her company very much.

However, her journey isn’t without challenges as she faces difficulties at every step of the way. She tackles them all head on and doesn’t lose her stride. No matter how tricky the situation, she always finds a way to get out of it. She continues and even switches jobs later. All this while, she raises her daughter, Rupa. She dotes on her daughter and cannot bear anything happening to her. She imbibes all kinds of values in her daughter to ensure she has the right upbringing. Right from her education to her surroundings, Nandhini provides for her every step of the way. This gets challenging since nobody is there to help her. Many people oppose her as well, but she doesn’t pay them any heed.