Malayalam Tv Serial Pokkuveyil

Pokkuveyil Malayalam TV SERIALS on Flowers TV

Pokkuveyil is a family opera which focuses on the delicate issue of surrogacy and childbirth. K. K. Rajeev is the director. K.K.Sudhakaran is responsible for the screenplay. Ananthu S Vijay is the editor. Akshaya Productions is the production company backing the show. Rajeev Attukal is the music composer. K. K. Sudhakaran's book Vanitha "Innalayo Inno is the inspiration behind this project. The protagonist of this serial is Isha Aravind who is the resident of Bangalore city.

There she meets a boy named Sudeep and falls in love with him. Cyril, who secretly harbors feelings for Isha, tells Sudeep a false story about her affair with another man named Balu. Cyril's tale infuriates Sudeep, and he hires a goon to kill Balu and Isha in an accident. Balu gets serious injuries. Isha decides to shift to Kerala and changes her identity and name to Sruthi. Jamuna, her friend, helps her in this process. One day, she while walking on the road she starts to feel giddy and faints.

A couple, Sabhitha, and Ravi comes to her aid. They come to know that she is unmarried and pregnant. To help her, they decide to adopt the child. Isha agrees to their suggestions. The couple is Sudeep's brother and sister-in-law. However, neither Isha nor they are aware of each other's relation to Sudeep. They bring her to their house where Sruthi comes to know about their connection to Sudeep. She gets shocked. However, she recovers herself in time and starts to win everyone's heart with her nature.

She also takes up a job at Dream flower builders. Her boss, Arun Thomas, is are about Sruthi's real identity and the past and promises to help her in her quest to seek revenge from Sudeep. Meanwhile, Sudeep is now in China and is dating a woman named Jayasudha. He flies down to his home to get married. He comes face to face with Sruthi and is flabbergasted. Cyril comes to know about Isha's whereabouts, but he pretends to know nothing about it. In Bangalore, Isha's mother files a police complaint about Isha missing.

She wishes to have her hands on all the Isha's property. Cyril, with the help of Jayasudha's uncle, instigates Sudeep to ask for his share from his father. Shocked, his father tells him that he and his brother can have all the property. A baby girl is born to Isha. She grew fond of her and didn't want to give her away to Ravi. Cyril proposes Isha, and she accepts it. They get married, but his possessive nature begins to trouble her. A group of thieves attacks him, and he gets injured.

Balu comes to meet him and he comes to know that Cyril is innocent and it is Sudeep who is the real culprit. He had fooled his sister before Isha. Isha finally realizes Cyril's genuine love, and they both live happily ever after. Krishna, Sruthi Lakshmi, Aji John play the characters of Sudeep, Isha, and Cyril respectively. Flowers TV Channel aired the show.