Malayalam Tv Serial Paarijatham-Malayalam

Paarijatham-Malayalam Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv

Paarijatham-Malayalam was a very popular teleserial in the Malayalam language which aired on the leading and popular Malayalam entertainment television channel Asianet. Parijatham is a typical saas bahu family drama with melodrama and many twists and turns. Parijatham aired on television for around 3 years and enjoyed a high rating and popularity among the audiences and also won many awards and accolades on the Asianet Telly awards.

Popular Malayalam TV actress Rasna was seen playing double roles in the serial as the main female protagonist in Parijatham. The show ran for over 500 episodes and its runtime was approximate 20 minutes excluding the commercials. The story of Parijatham revolved around the life of two identical twin sisters Aruna and Seema. While Aruna wants a simple life but Seema dreams of a rich husband. Jayapal, the main male protagonist of the serial in a turn of fate falls in love with Aruna and in time Aruna becomes pregnant with Jayapal’s child. But Jayapal’s mother Lalitha Bai is against this marriage and starts poisoning Jayapal’s mind against Aruna and in rage, he turns into a Casanova and a womaniser. But eventually, in dire circumstances, Aruna get married to Jayapal and gives birth to their son Chandru.

Whereas, on the other hand, Seema gets married to a simple, loving and caring man and eventually they have a daughter together. After marriage, Lalitha ji starts torturing Aruna but along with the help of Seema and her industrialist father in law Aruna exposes Lalitha’s cruel intentions and she is thrown outside the house. After many twists, turns and a lot of melodrama Lalitha Bai reforms into a good woman but dies in cancer. The show ends on showing Aruna giving birth to her second child and Seema and Aruna live happily ever after with their respective husbands and families.

Another version of this serial:

Paarijatham is a popular Malayalam television soap on Asianet channel is a retelecast of the 2008 series. The production house Sandra communications have successfully framed a season of 500 episodes under the direction of Kurup Mararikulam. K.K. Sudhakaran has beautifully written a drama series that rolls up into the real and personal aspects of life. Aruna, a girl who follows the tradition, extremely obedient and shy, intensely down to earth is the twin sister of Seema, a very extrovert and modern girl, with the glitter in her boldness. She was the complete opposite of Aruna. The only similarity between them being they belonged to a middle-class family.

Aruna was in search of a life partner who could love her and be a good husband. In short, she wished for a simple married life. She was joyous only to have a loving husband. She works in a telephone booth. On the other hand, the twin sister Seema wants luxuries in her life. She searches for a person through whom she could complete her luxurious wishes. The male protagonist Jaypal is an heir to millions of money. This guy Jayapal is a clear spoiled guy who is usually involved with girls, and that is his only passion in life.

As Jayapal's father is a business tycoon, Seema starts liking Jayapal. But for the twist in the story, Jayapal is unaware of the fact that Seema and Aruna are sisters. Hence, he falls in love with Aruna. The story moves in and out of the scene where Jayapal and Aruna start seeing each other. One day Jayapal proposes Aruna, and they agree with each other for marriage. Aruna in the hopes of a settled married life is happy to go with Jayapal but unfortunately the mother in law Lalitha Bhai turns out to be the villain.

She brainwashes Jayapal against all good traits of Aruna. She makes Jayapal cruel and furious at Aruna. Out of his foolishness and also some belief in his mother Lalitha Bhai, Jayapal turns out to be a drunk woman hitter and he starts disrespecting his wife, Aruna. Till now Aruna has seen a lot of abusing and torture from the mother in law Lalitha Bhai and husband Jayapal. Meanwhile, Seema is now married to Mohanan, a respectful and loyal friend. Mohanan is a son to a pronounced lawyer father.

With the help from the lawyer father in law Gangadhara Menon, she disguises into Aruna and taking leads to solving the problem which finally comes to a conclusion where Lalitha Bhai has to leave the house. Then the story keeps evolving in two good couples who are happy, have their children, Lalitha Bhai is again in the house with a changed mind and so on continues to flow with the following episode number.