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Malayalam Tv Serial Njanum Ente Veedum

Njanum Ente Veedum Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv

Njanum Ente Veedum is a TV show on Asianet channel which connects the celebrities with their audiences by a travelogue through the houses of various stars. As per the format of this show, the host goes to the residence of the celebrities. There, she roams around the houses of the celebrities, talks to them about their past life, and career, family, future plans. She makes the audience feel the presence of the emotions and feeling of connecting with their favorite stars. The celebrities introduce their family members to the host; they also talk about their connection with the stars and share the same thoughts and emotions.

The show doesn’t cover only a particular category of celebrities but all of them starting from Television artists to film stars, singers, politicians and directors. Asianet aired the first episode of Njanum Ente Veedum on Monday, 1st April 2013. In the first episode, the host goes to the house of Ratheesh Vega where they share good memories with each other. She also met his wife and his son. In the next episode on 6th April, she goes to meet the actor, Tini Tom and his family. Later the host also went to meet the great actor, Rajath Menon at his place. She makes the audience travel through Television.

After this, she went to Bhagat Manuel’s residence on 8th April. Next, the host visited the house of stand-up comedian, Mr Ramesh Pisharadi. On 22nd April she went to meet the Magician Samraj. The show received love and applause from the audience. Next, on 29th April the episode had Rajasenan as its guest. On 6th May the host went to visit one of the biggest Malayalam film producer, Dinesh Panicker. No one can miss visiting the great actor Jagannatha Varma and, the host went to his place on 13th May. In the next episode, on 20th May it was travel to the singer Sreeram’s house.

The host also went to Indu’s place on 27th Monday. The show also had its roots in politician’s lives as well; the host of the show went to the house of the MLA C Divakaran. Later on, she also went to the place of Ex Minister O Rajagopal on 10th June. On 24th June she went to meet Mayor Chandrika Menon. After this, in the next episode on 7th July, the host visited Sreyas. In the last episode of Njanum Ente Veedum, the host visited Akshara on 14th July. Unlike any other TV show, this show had an entirely different format. There was no studio to shoot any episode.

In fact, they shot each and every scene at the residence of the celebrity. People loved this travelogue through the houses of their favourite stars and leaders.