Malayalam Tv Serial Nilavum Nakshatrangalum

Nilavum Nakshatrangalum Malayalam TV SERIALS on Amrita TV

Nilavum Nakshatrangalum is a family drama serial in the Malayalam language that airs on the channel, Amrita TV. Amrita TV is a general entertainment channel, which is owned by the Mata Amritanandamayi Math. The show, Nilavum Nakshatrangalum was aired for the first time on 29th August 2016 The show is still in the running and has had more than 70 episodes. The show airs from Monday to Friday at 7:30 p.m. Each episode of the show runs for 30 minutes. Nilavum Nakshatrangalum is a family soap opera in the drama genre. The story of the show is about life and relationships. The show, however, does not have any uniqueness in its storyline. The show portrays the age-old concept of family relationships and the love and the tension and the rift between the members of the family.

The show revolves around the complex life of Sethulakshmi, who is a very strong character in the show. Sethulakshmi is a married woman with a young daughter. Sethulakshmi’s husband is Dr. Mahendran. The show begins on a very happy note where the family is shown as a very happy family where the parents are respected by the child, and the child is loved by the parents; in other words, a picture-perfect family. Sethulakshmi and Mahendran’s daughter, Nandana is a young lady who is at the age of getting married. It is a very happy occasion in the family, and everyone is happy about the marriage. But just before the marriage, Nandana comes to know that she is the illegitimate daughter of her mother. She is in a state of shock. Things start to change and get tensed from there.

The show takes many dramatic twists from there. One has to watch the show to know further about how the lives of these lead characters change after the truth is revealed. The lead character of Sethulakshmi is played by actress Shari. She has portrayed many pivotal characters in both movies and television industry. Dr. Mahendran’s character is portrayed by veteran actor Vijay Menon who is already a household name due to his skills in acting. Gowri Krishnon plays the role of their daughter, Nandini. Gowri is popular Indian tennis player and coach, Ramesh Krishnan’s daughter. The show is written by Ganesh Olikkara and directed by GR Krishnan. The show is produced by Roy P Antony The title track of the show has been sung by Manjari and has been liked by the audience. The show has managed to grab the attention of the audience and hold it till date.