Malayalam Tv Serial Nere Chovve

Nere Chovve Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv

Nere Chovve is a celebrity talk show which is aired on Manorama TV. It featured various celebrities and renowned personalities from different walks of life. The host of the show moderates and handles the discussions with grace. The celebrities who get invited to the show are well-known in their field. They discuss various topics and issues related to themselves and their lives. The discussions touch various aspects including personal and professional lives of the artists.

The series has continued to be aired for a reasonable amount of time. It has successfully gathered good ratings in addition to exciting reviews from within the audience base. It features among some of the channel’s more loved shows and has been performing decently. Amongst the personalities who visit the show, there is a healthy mixture of film stars, politicians and people from various walks of life. The show got known for going in depth and asking some hard questions as well. The audience members get to witness a new side of the personality and understand them a lot better. It attempts to break the barrier of the TV screen that most of the times exists between these celebrities and the common man. Questions about their personal lives are also discussed.

The conversation gets continued at an easy-going pace which maintains a sense of ease and comfort with the guest. This allows them to open up and be more confident regarding voicing their opinions. These may not always be the more popular points of view, but yet the guests back them up with incidents from their own lives to show the validity of their points. The notable point is that this show also invites guests who are by nature outspoken regarding their opinions. The guests are not known to shy away from going against the norm. The voice of the show thus develops into a strong and wilful one. The show has got criticized at times for inviting controversy and bringing up topics which would go against the norm.

However, there are seldom major outbursts on the show, and a peaceful discussion emerges. As with dissenting viewpoints, these are bound to be debated. However, these discussions get carried out in the most amicable manner. The celebrities feel free to voice their true and honest opinions. This open discussion lends the show an air of grace and dignity which has got appreciated by viewers and critics of the show alike.