Malayalam Tv Serial Nandanandanam

Nandanandanam Malayalam TV SERIALS on Zee Keralam

Nandanandanam is a devotional serial that depicts the chronicles of Lord Krishna, and it is a dubbed version of the Hindi serial Paramavatar Shri Krishna. This serial is aired on Zee Keralam channel from Monday to Saturday at 6 pm. It was also broadcasted on 26th November 2018. The series has a total of 673 episodes and each of 21 minutes duration. The story portrays the childhood life of Lord Krishna, which is filled with his mischievous and adventures. Krishna was born in a small village of Mathura, and his parents were Devaki and Vasudevan. The village was ruled over by an evil King Kamsa; he imprisons Devaki and Vasudevan after their marriage because he believed that their child would be a reason for his downfall. He kills all the babies born to the couple; somehow, the couple manages to save their seventh and eighth child. The eighth child was Krishna, and he was kept near Yashoda’s house by Devaki. Yashoda raises Krishna along with his brother Balarama. Krishna has always been a naughty kid; he would often prank the villagers and used to steal butter as he was too fond of that. Each episode portrays his adventure in abolishing the demons. The King Kamsa always sends demons in his village to kill Krishna, and he ends up executing them even if they come disguised in any form. The viewers enjoyed this series, and it increased over the TRP rating.

The cast members of this series are Nirnay Samadhiya, he played the lead role as little Krishna and earned vast fame for his performance. Gungun Upari as Yasoda, Tarun Khanna as Lord Shiva, Gulki as Devaki, and Amardeep as Lord Brahma. This series is directed by Rahul Lingayat and Vaibhav Mutha. It was written by C.L. Saini and produced by Alind Srivatsava.