Malayalam Tv Serial Nandanam

Nandanam Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv

Nandanam is a Malayalam television serial. The show is telecasted on Surya TV. Blesson Entertainment had presented this television show. The lead stars of this television series include Sreekutty, Rasna, and Shemi Martin. The title song of this series is very popular and famous and is sung by Bhargavi Sridhar and Varsha. The song is a composition by Jithin Roshan, who is very well-known and famous music director in the industry. The lyrics of this song are composed and written by Bincy Binoy and Rajeev Alunkal.

The television show is telecasted every day, from Monday to Friday, at 7:30 p.m. on the channel Surya TV. Sandra's Communications had done the production of this show. Byju Devraj looks after the direction of this television soap opera. It was originally named Vrindavanam when it used to be aired in Asianet. But its name was changed from Vrindavanam to Nandanam, and its telecasting had been shifted from Asianet to Surya TV. The story of this show revolves around an ordinary family, which is called Nandanam. This show walks its viewers through how the family gets indulged in various situations, and how they overcome those situations. The storyline of this television series is very engaging, with numerous twists and plot points.

The main focus in this storyline had been on the family members of Nandanam. The family faces a lot of struggles and experiences a lot of horrors, but eventually they deal with the horrid situations and further into a happy and prosperous ending. The storyline of this show engages its viewers, who thoroughly appreciate it always, time and over, for the immense drama they get to see within this story. The ensemble cast of this Malayalam television series creates an imprint on its viewers through amazing acting and delivery of dialogues. The cast and crew of this television soap opera include Rasna, who plays the role of Meera, Srekutty, who plays the role of Parvathy, Shemi Martin, who plays the role of Orange, and Srinishi.

The splendid story writing had been done by Rajan Raphael, who achieves to keep the audience of this Malayalam television series over the edge of their seats. The story is written amazingly with a lot of plot points that incur numerous twists, which entices the viewers of this show with the storyline. The acting is also splendidly done, which kept the viewers of this Malayalam television series engaged with each and every character, and relate to their personalities in the real world.