Malayalam Tv Serial Nammal Thammil

Nammal Thammil Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet plus

Nammal Thammil is a talk show which got aired on the Asianet channel. It has been broadcasting successfully for quite a few years now and is one of the most popular shows on the channel. The first season of the show aired on Indian televisions in the year 2009. It has currently completed the fourth season and is a highly successful show. The series is, in essence, a talk show which takes up topics with a socio-cultural aspect to them. Many different issues get handled, some of which can tend to be extremely controversial as well.

The topics discussed are a mix of current affairs, issues which are of public interest, and pertinent issues regarding the countries future and security. These get discussed vehemently and analyzed from multiple angles. The format of the show got designed to engage a large number of stakeholders and spark a vivid debate. A panel gets formed by inviting guests who get to speak and discuss regarding the topic of the day. The people brought to the show get chosen in such a way that they hold contrasting opinions on the matter being discussed. The panel members then vehemently debate and discuss the topic at hand supporting their points with proofs or anecdotes.

The topic is thus dissected in every possible way. This makes sure that a healthy debate gets conducted and all the viewpoints get looked into. The debates can at times erupt into arguments as well but these get moderated by the host of the show. In addition to the panel invited on the set, the host also asks for opinions and views from the members of the audience. They at times raise other pertinent points which may have gotten missed or raise questions which lead to further analysis. The general public thus too gets a chance to weigh in on the topic at hand.

The debate thus receives a multi-pronged approach which keeps the discussion alive and gives the viewers sufficient food for thought. The show has been very well appreciated by the general population. It has garnered both good reviews as well as excellent ratings. However, the format of the show has gotten questioned, highlighting the animated nature of the debate and calling it out on its sensationalism. But largely, the vibe has been good. This gets added on to by selecting interesting and relevant topics for discussion. The variety of the opinions adds to the episodes getting filled with energy and vigor, all of which makes the show a good watch.