Malayalam Tv Serial Mood Tapes

Mood Tapes Malayalam Tv serials on Kappa tv
Mood tapes is a unique and innovative conceptual Malayalam television show for the youths which is aired on every weekdays on every Tuesday the Malayalam entertainment television channel Kappa TV which are specially designed for the youths from 8:30 am onwards in the mornings as per the Indian standard time (IST). The show Mood tapes showcases the singing talents of various singers in a video tape format thus justifying its name “Mood tapes”. Some of the singers whose songs have been showcased in this show are- Jayahari, Sravana Sundhari, Neehar, Sam Pradeep, Dheeraj Sukumaran, Vishnu, Greeshma and many more. The show is currently trending on social Medias like Facebook and twitter and has become immensely popular among the talented youth who are eager to showcase and express their singing talents in front of the audiences. Mood tapes feature regular people like you & me. People we know at home, from our neighbourhood,college,a cafe or any such place - who capture the mood of the day by singing their version of an original evergreen classic song. Mood Tapes could also feature you, me and everyone else who can sing well. It has created a buzz and sensation among the viewer’s especially among the youths.