Malayalam Tv Serial Melody

Melody Malayalam Tv serials

Melody is a music based chat show which airs on Surya TV. It is amongst the most beloved and longest running shows in the country, running successfully for over eight years. The show had initially started off with the title Symphony. It got renamed since then.

The show has V. Krishna Kumar as the anchor, who is also the brains behind the show having conceptualized it himself. The show serves as a platform for showcasing light-hearted music as well as film music which get sung by either the celebrity guests or the singers invited on the show.

The guests and singers who get invited to the show, are all engaged in a musical tête-à-tête which gets accompanied with the best of songs. They provide new insights into the intricacies of the songs, music, and even the lyrics. The session becomes a trip down memory lane as the inspiration and history of the song gets discussed in detail. The show is replete with imagery and takes the viewers on to another dimension, as they immerse themselves in the sweet melody.

The show also serves as the musical history of the celebrity’s life. Symphony’s first episode premiered by inviting the renowned playback singer, Mr. G. Venugopal. When the series transformed itself with the new title of Melody, Hariharan got invited to the show. Hariharan in his very own inimitable style had not just delivered timeless hits, but also went on to change his physical appearance to suit the mood and style of different songs.

It, however, is not merely a platform of celebrities. Melody also invites new and emerging singers to come and showcase their limitless talents on the show. This has included singers like Manjeri, Kalyani, Aslam, Wilswaraj, Dinesh, and Elizabeth. They have since then gone on to become stars in the own might. Many of these newcomers’ songs are now regular fare and audience favorites. V. Krishna Kumar is himself a talented and trained singer.

The show has played host to nearly all the renowned maestros in the South Indian music scenario. That includes the likes of such as S. Janaki, P. Leela, P. Susheela, L. R. Eswari, K.S. Chitra, B. Vasantha, S.P. Balasubramaniam, Brahmanandan, Jayachandran, Unni Menon and Hariharan. These celebrities have all appeared on either Symphony or the revamped Melody.

Not just golden age singers but also the new generation of superstars like Gayatri, Manjari, Vijay Yesudas, Kalyani, and Aslam. Each and every episode of the series brings a sense of tranquillity to the viewers. It reinforces the thought that music not only brings people together, but it also binds them in the same whirlwind of emotions.