Malayalam Tv Serial Mayamohini

Mayamohini  Malayalam TV SERIALS on Mazhavil Manorama TV

Mayamohini is a Malayalam television series. This serial, Mayamohini, had been released on Mazhavil Manorama on 29 June 2015. This show, which is a new family television series, is directed by Prasad Nooranadu. This show is telecasted daily, from Monday to Friday, and time of airing is 9;30 p.m. on the channel, Mazhavil Manorama. The production is done by Arun Pillai and under the banner of the production company NAP productions. The director Prasad Nooranadu is a very familiar name in Malayalam television industry, who has already directed a lot of soap operas, which include: Vettamma, Nombarapoovu, Bhamini Tholkarilla, Amma Ammayiamma, etc.

The original theme of this show had been very much distinguished from other television series done in Kerela, and it is not just another tale of a girl with cries and tears, which the Malayalam audience has been watching all along. Urmila is the name of the central lead character in this television serial. She is bold, young, and the one, who is forced to switch her identity to a man named Unnikrishnan, to escape from the authorities. The father of Urmila, Viswanathan, is a very successful businessman, and he loves his daughter very much. He raised both of his daughters, all by himself, after his wife passed away in an early and untimely death.

They live peacefully all along, until one day when everything is plunged into a havoc when Viswanathan goes missing. A woman named Yamini Bhai enters their house and claims to their mother and Viswanathan’s wife. She tries to murder Urmila. However, Urmila miraculously escapes from her death. Yamini begins to believe that Urmila has died. The serial tells how Urmila defeats Yamini Bhai, who is the villain in this story, also how she rescues her sister from the villain’s entrapment, and finally how she discovers her missing father.

The theme of this television show is quite thrilling, and it is bound to make its viewers shrill with awe in watching how Urmilla struggles through all odds and finally gets the resolution in her life. The cinematography of this television soap opera had been looked after by Anp Mani. The script of the series had been written by Rajesh Jayaraman. The cast of this show includes: Dinesh Panicker, who played the role of Viswanathan, Balachandran Chullikkadu as Salim Ali, Rekha Krishnappa, who played the role of Yamini Bhai, Althara, who played the role of Sandra, Sayana Pilla as Anu, along with Valsala Menon as Yamini’s mother, Rasheed, who played the house owner, Chandran, Manju Sunichen as Karuthamma, and finally, ' Sabarna', who played the lead character of Urmila and Unnikrishnan.