Malayalam Tv Serial Manasaveera

Manasaveera, which the makers named after its two lead protagonist Manas and Veera, is an emotional family drama. Mamta Patnaik and Purnendu Shekhar are the creators. Mayaya is also the producer along with Yash Patnaik. Raghubir, Soumyava, and Durjoy Dutta are the writers. Waseem Sabir is the director. Amit Bhargava is the creative director. Soumia Samadhiya and Karnika Saxena are the executive producers. Deepak Malvankar is the cinematographer. Kshitija Khandagale is the editor. Beyond Dreams Entertainment Private Limited is the production company backing the show.

Aashish Rego has sung the title track, and Sharad Tripathi has written it. Manasaveera is the Malayalam dubbed version of the Hindi serial Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera. It is also available in the Tamil language. It traces the lives of a young boy named Manas. His family consists of his father, mother and his father's aunt. The patriarch is also the sarpanch of his village, and he takes his responsibility seriously. However, he is cheating on his wife with another woman. She becomes pregnant and bears a baby girl, and both of them name her Veera.

Manas's mother comes to know about her husband's infidelity and she reaches Ratan's home and insults her. She also argues with her husband. He feels guilty of lying and betraying his wife's trust and hence he decides to leave the village. Veera's mother, too, resolves to go far away from all this. Before going, she leaves Veera at the doorstep Manas's home. Next day, the household wakes up to find a girl at its door. Ratan, who recognizes her, refuses to look after the girl. Manas, who is innocent and kind, takes up the responsibility of nurturing his half-sister all by himself.

Thus, a young boy becomes a parent to a small girl which strengthen the bond their love for each other. The show further encapsulates his struggle to bring her up and give her the best of everything. It also took a time leap of fifteen years. Veera has now enrolled herself in a college and aims to study further. The story also focusses on Manas and Veera's married life with their respective partners. Digangana Suryavanshi and Shivin Narang played the characters of Manas and Veera after the time leap. Harshita Ojha and Bhavesh Balchandani essayed the young Manas and Veera. Sneha Wagh and Sudhanshu Pandey Don the hats of Manas's parents. The show consists of eight hundred and five episodes. Asianet Plus Channel is telecasting it at half past seven in the evening. It is also available on Hotstar.