Malayalam Tv Serial Madhubala-Malayalam

Madhubala-Malayalam Malayalam Tv serials on Surya tv
Madhubala is the dubbed version of the very popular Hindi Serial – Ek Ishq Ek Janoon. The serial depicts the life of Madhubala, who though not really interested in the glam world, ends up there. Initially a designer in the film sets, she is drawn towards a major bollywood actor and producer, RK. Their love and the life they ensue forms the central theme of this serial. Born in an average middle class family, Madhubala has no great dreams or ambitions but to support her sister and mother. The serial shows how Madhubala comes to a rift with the bollywood star by witnessing an accident to someone important to her. In an ensuing fight, Madhubala finds out the rash driver to be RK. How they come to terms with each other and the goodness in each other forms the central theme. The serial is currently telecasted in Surya TV as a celebration of the 100 years of Indian cinema. A theme that has never been looked up by the Malayalam serials, presented in a very unique way – This makes Madhubala a very pleasing one for the Malayali audience. A lack of the elements like in law feud, illegitimate relations and the usual themes of the serials made it a hit that it is. A very popular serial, it was dubbed in to other languages like Tamil and Telugu.