Malayalam Tv Serial Kuttikattil dot com

Kuttikattil dot com Malayalam Tv serials on Asianet tv
Kutti is an amazing animation /cartoon tele series for children in Malayalam language which airs on the leading and popular Malayalam entertainment television channel Asianet TV from 10:30 am onwards in the morning as per the India Standard Time (IST).This is a show exclusively meant for the young world and the children. The show aims to teach the children various and important lessons of life in a simple way but not in a simplistic way and in an animated or cartoon format. The prime characters of this cartoon show are a cute little yellow birdy Tweety and her friends, the fellow animals like dog, cow, pig, horse, etc. There is a simple story with a moral value involving all these above mentioned characters told in a very intelligent yet in a simple manner in each episode. Apart from this, the characters are also seen chanting nursery rhymes in Malayalam so the young specially the children viewers can learn the nursery rhymes in a fun way and without the fear of any burden or pressure. Kutti kattil dot com has in a very short time since its airing has become a hot favourite in almost all Malayalam speaking households especially among the kiddos.